A Composer, Producer, Designer, and Author with over 30 years of experience in developing and creating various Music, AD, and Filmscore Projects and Designs.


2021 – 2022 Finalising the Opera – Empress Theodora

2022 release of LILI KONGO Audio Album “Fingerprints” on streaming and download platforms.

2022 rerelease of Tibor Levay LTD Album “Gipsy Boobie” on streaming and download platforms.

2020 Dualyty – studio monitor stand. Designed and Made in South Africa

2020 Worldwide concert rest, thus the Tiberius project is revised to an audio CD and Vinyl Album material.

2020 Lockdown Family Video Spot project: Nature is the Lord – Tiberius (YouTube)

2019 – 2020  Conceptualising, writing, performing and production of new concept material for live Concert Performances. Blue Planet Voyage – Tiberius aka Tibor Levay

2018 – 2019 Realisation of 7 Environmental Documentary and Image Films, in Symphonic Orchestral Style.

2017 Presentation: New Design and technical innovation for  Grand Piano

2014 – 17 Developing the Opera – Empress Theodora

2011- 2016 Conceptualising, developing, and writing the Action Feature film Screenplay GOLDEN HORN.

2011  Developing a new style of Music and Album for “King Star Brothers” (the founders of Isicathamiya Zulu acapella singing music style)

2010 Concept and Score for Mr. Al Gore’s Film: “Smarter Planet“ Environmental-Summit in Johannesburg, Maropeng.

2009 Writing and producing a Reggae Album for TJ Bless

2008 Emigrated to South Africa in order to explore new cultural influences.

2007 Developing of a new Grand Piano Design and technical Innovation.

2006 Design for exclusive furniture and Music Studio interior.

2005 Lecturer on the 1. international congress for Music and Medicine in Hamburg.

From 2001 – 2003 developed scientific music therapy – “The Breath of a New Life”, a project for premature babies.

2000 Presentation of “TechnoOpera” at the Cannes Film Festival.

1996                Golden Medal Award – NEWYORKTVFESTIVAL Creativity 26 – USA, for the film music composed at the occasion of the “5 Years of Reuniting of Germany”.

1995-1997 Created 4 albums dedicated to babies. Each album serves a different purpose, this includes Sleeping, Feeding, and Focusing, and one album is dedicated to mothers to assist in rejuvenation.

1994                Documentary film “Bey Schwindeckh”

1993                Start of the Time-Warner CD-series “The Power of the Elements”. Thematic Expressionism, Psychedelic of the 90’.

1993 Myanmar “Moments” – Adaptation of musical heritage of Burma’s cultural history illustrative with musical and photographic impressions. Exhibition and Performance: Munich, Venice, Vienna, Prag, Paris.

1992 Polit critical film “Killing Boxes” International Film Festival, Berlin “Berlinale”.

1988 “Black Cave” Project – experimental orchestral and electronic music, performed with expressive dancers and actors in the Black Cave.

1986                 Golden Record – LP “R-GO”   (later it became Platinum Record)

1985                “Gypsy Boobie” – Tibor Levay – a Solo Ethno Pop project worldwide, still today a well-known song, project and sound.

1984                Foundation of own production company “Tibor Levay Music Production” and Recording studio “Alcatraz” in Munich, later “Human Recording Studios”, Ilmried and “Schloss Studios” in Schwindegg and Ljubljana

Since 1983    International TV Broadcasting and Film Advertisement composer .

1982-1984   Orchestration, conducting and performing on several LP productions, amongst others for “Barcode”, “Gunter Gabriel”, “Sweet Substitute”, “Berliner Opernchor” and the very famous Karajan Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra.

1980-1984   Musical Director of “Udo Juergens”, re-arranging of his lifework and touring with him worldwide. His songs were performed by famous artists like Frank Sinatra, Shirley Bassey, Sammy Davis jr. etc.

1981                 “Yamaha” World Pop Festival in Tokyo (award for “outstanding song” and   “outstanding artist”)

1979 emigrated to Germany and composed songs for TRIX (Argentina), Maria Mendiola (Spain), Chosen Few (UK), White Heat (Germany), Emily Woods (US) etc. Played keyboards in the top Munich studios, and toured with Peter Alexander (Big Band).

1978 – 1979 member of the progressive rock band SMAK. Silver and Gold Award for “Smak dub in the middle” LP

Studying at the Bela Bartok Music Conservatory and the Franz Liszt Music Academy, Department of Composition, in Budapest, Hungary.

1974 Bachelor’s degree at the Conservatory of Music in Subotica.




  1. SMAK – Dub in the Middle ∞ Gold & Platinum LP Record, published world wide.
  2. Tibor Levay LTD – Gipsy Boobie ∞ Gold Single
  3. Chosen Few – Boogie Army ∞ UK Top 20 (#11)
  4. R-Go – RGO ∞ Gold & Platinum LP Record
  5. Yamaha World Pop Festival – Most Outstanding Song
  6. 5 Jahre Wiedervereinigung ∞ Gold Award, social-film NewYorkTVF
  7. Lenor – Clean Breeze / Poetry ∞ Gold European EFFI

…over 250 worldwide published music titles, sundry Performances and Film-scores.